Putting off that roof replacement? Here’s how to comply with Denver’s green roof law

Do you own a commercial building in Denver that needs a new roof? Are you worried about Denver’s new green roof regulation? If so, there are a number of way to comply while avoiding the cost and complexity of a green roof.

In response to concerns from building owners, the City of Denver initiated a task force to develop an improved ordinance, known as the “Green Buildings Ordinance,” which was approved by Denver City Council in October 2018 and provides a number of flexible, cost-effective pathways for compliance.

For existing buildings, an alternative to a “green roof” is a “cool roof”, if you can also improve the energy efficiency of the building by 10-15%, depending on building size. This pathway requires enrollment in the Energy Program, and while the ordinance provides building owners with great flexibility, the potential solutions are complex to work through.

C-PACE financing makes it straightforward for a building owner to achieve the required energy efficiency improvements (or install on-site solar), so you can chose a practical and long-lasting “cool roof”, which is simply a white roof that is fast becoming industry standard. We can develop a project that avoids the cost of a green roof, spreads the cost of capital expenditure over 20 years, improves asset value with upgrades to HVAC, lighting, windows or building controls, and pays for it through reduced utility bills.

As C-PACE project developers, we work with commercial building owners across the city to develop energy efficiency retrofit projects that enhance the sustainability and profitability of their real estate assets. Building Energy Performance can guide you through the complexity of Denver’s Green Building Ordinance to a practical and cost-effective solution.

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